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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 16, 2017


Dear parishioners and friends in Christ,

Please join me, together with your many fellow parishioners who have already given, in making a pledge or one time gift to the 2017 Catholic Minis-tries Appeal. As of this letter we are just over 84% toward achieving our Parish Goal. Only with your help can we meet the expectations set for Saints Cyril & Methodius Parish, the "largest in the Diocese."

In spite of challenging economic realities, every household can do a little something. Remember the Gospel story of the widow’s mite? No gift is too small! Whatever you can afford to donate will help to make a difference to the many ministries funded by our Diocese. As one Parish Family among the Catholic Church here on Long Island we all share responsibility for helping to care for one another.

Upon reaching Goal our Parish will also directly benefit by way of "parish sharing." Last year’s successful Appeal resulted in a substantial rebate which has been applied to a special fund to im-prove the lighting inside of our church. If successful again this year the rebate will provide us with the financial resources we still need to fund this expensive project. Everybody wins: 1) the many truly deserving ministries here on Long Island, 2) our own Parish, and 3) don’t forget your tax deduction. Most of all God knows the many sacrifices you make on behalf of worthy causes. And this is a most worthy cause.

Please give prayerful consideration to the yellow brochure located at the church doors and kindly make your donation this month. We are certainly proud of our reputation as the Parish Family of Saints Cyril & Methodius Parish and want to help this Diocesan-wide Appeal to succeed. Don’t put this under a pile of "things to do," but please join your fellow parishioners in contributing your onetime gift that will do so much to help so many in the name of Jesus.

Thank you and God bless you for your gener-osity to the 2017 Appeal!

                                                        Devotedly yours in Christ,

                                                 Monsignor Bob Clerkin

PS For those who have not yet had the opportunity to make a gift; you may have received my letter this week—it is also printed in this bulletin above. I encourage you to join with me and your neighbors by making a gift to the 2017 Catholic Ministries Appeal. You will be joining a team that helps more than 600,000 people in our Long Island commu-nity each year. Thank you!