Pastor's Page

   Sunday, July 20, 2014


Dear parishioners and friends in Christ,

Father Paul extends his prayerful gratitude for  your kindness and generosity this past weekend in our special second collection  Thanks to your financial support his Diocese of Konongo Mampong will receive $7,624.43.

 My thanks to all of the volunteers who have planted flowers and tended to the gardens around our buildings.  The grounds look beautiful and very welcoming and inviting. 

 Now that the (1) re-roofing projects on all of our buildings are completed, and (2) the two new Air-Conditioning units have been installed, the (3) Boiler replacement project in the church/school building is nearly completed. Our three new smaller units will provide better and more efficient heating in the years ahead.   Next summer (2015) we will restore our church windows (4) that have been damaged by water leaks.

 All of this is made possible because of your outstanding generosity to our Parish Capital Campaign Thanks to your continuing financial support of this Campaign all of these projects are funded. Although the pledges unfortunately fell short of the hoped for goal we are very grateful to those parishioners who may still come on board to help us fulfill the vision of the Building Campaign Committee.

 The Catholic Ministries Appeal is now half way toward completion. As of now we are only at 70% toward achieving our Goal.  We need your help!  Saints Cyril & Methodius is reportedly the largest Parish on Long Island and we should be able to meet our Goal.  But that will only take place if YOU help us out this year. Remember, “no gift is too small, but no Gift at all.”  Even in these challenging economic times we can all do something. And please don’t underestimate the importance of surpassing our Goal for our own Parish. With the very expensive past winter of snow removal and heating oil we could really use the rebate. Please give prayerful consideration to this Appeal and kindly make your pledge, or one time Gift today.  Thank you for your generosity and may God Bless you for this sacrifice!  

 And finally, The Family Festival is just around the corner (Aug. 13-17).  Raffle Tickets for two (2) $5,000.00 prizes are available the church doors and at the Parish Center.

Have a great week and God Bless you!

 Monsignor "Father Bob" Clerkin