Pastor's Page

   Sunday, January 25, 2015


 Dear parishioners and friends in Christ, 

This Sunday we begin our celebration of Catho-lic Schools Week with a special Mass at 9:30 am followed by an Open House until 1:00 pm. All parish-ioners are invited, especially families with preschool-age children through 8th grade. We welcome transfer students too! We all need to work together to spread the good news about excellence in academics, afforda-ble tuition, and especially about our value oriented Catholic environment where our Faith is both taught and lived. There are many fine local public schools with school spirit. What makes a Catholic School differ-ent is our school spirit, the "Holy Spirit!" Perhaps this "Holy-Spirit filled" educational opportunity is what you desire for your child. And while this Faith based expe-rience may not be for every child, it may be well worth the sacrifice for that particular student who can profit from what Saints Cyril & Methodius Elementary Paro-chial School offers. So spread the good news!

The 2015 Catholic Ministries Appeal is now underway. Please join in helping to pay for the gas for a Meals-On-Wheels van to deliver food for a day; pay for teaching materials for one of our volunteer catechists; provide for a newborn infant in Regina Residence; assist in subsidizing housing for an adult who is devel-opmentally disabled; help support a seminarian’s edu-cation; enable our Catholic Faith to be experienced by our young people through High School, young adult and campus ministry programs. Your pledge, or one-time gift, supports Diocesan Catholic Charities and many outreach programs here at the Parish level.

Thank you in advance for supporting this very worthy Diocesan Catholic Ministries Appeal. We again appeal to those who have been so generous in the past, and we encourage new donors to make a pledge.

All funds raised support the Appeal and its Ministries Pledge cards are available at the doors of our Church or you can donate by phoning 516-379-5210 x 2, or online

Have a great week and God Bless you!

 Msgr. "Father Bob" Clerkin