Pastor's Page

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time - November 3, 2019 

Dear Parishioners,

Last Sunday, October 27th, at St Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre, Bishop John Barres conferred the St. Agnes Medal of Service to our parishioner Mary Malerba for her dedication and service to the Parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius. It was a well-attended event by awardees and clergy representatives from 121 parishes all throughout Long Island. We congratulate Mary and thank her for her selfless service to our parish. You inspire us to share of ourselves too for the growth and improvement of our parish

.We will have speakers in all the Masses this weekend promoting the Catholic Ministries Appeal. Let us open our hearts to the possibilities that God opens for us in order to touch peoples lives especially those who are in need through notable Church outreach and ministries. Let us be generous, being mindful that God cannot be outdone in His generosity to us.

The Book of Remembrance is on a stand by the baptismal font. Please feel free to write the names of family and friends who have passed from this life. It is our way of offering prayers for them and our hope of life eternal that is offered to those who have been baptized in Christ.  It will remain there for the whole month of November.

                                           Fr. Gius Garcia