Pastor's Page

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time  - February 16, 2020 

Dear Parishioners,

A new addition to our sanctuary: The Ambry. In Roman Catholic usage, when commonly called an Amber, it is traditionally in the sanctuary (as in, the altar area) of a church and is used to store the oils used in sacraments:  Oil of Catechumens (indicated by the Latin letters O.C.),Oil of the Sick(O.I.), and Sacred Chrism (S.C.). It is located near the baptistry to stress its connection with the Sacrament of Baptism.

Holy Water: We have a container by the left side sacristy (side of the Blessed Mother), for those who would like to bring some home. Just be reminded that the water is NOT for drinking but is used to bless ourselves when we make the sign of the cross and to bless those around us. It reminds us of the Baptism we received.

We have Low Gluten Host. For those in our congregation with gluten intolerance, the procedure is for you to approach any of our ushers, who will in turn inform the sacristan to prepare a separate dedicated pyx (container to avoid contamination) 

During communion, please fall in line by the presider who will give you the communion at the end of the line. Point of clarification: the host is not gluten-free but low gluten. Canon law regulates that it has to have a little gluten for the host to be valid for consecration.

                                                                       Fr. Gius Garcia