Pastor's Page


Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time - October 16, 2016



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The Gospel’s mandate and the unwaver-ing emphasis of Pope Francis’Year of Mercy is that our love for God must be a reflection of our love for one another, especially the weak and vulnerable among us. Our Diocese’s an-nual Catholic Ministries Appeal is a daily re-sponse to that call and enables us to increase our outreach to those most in need.

As the last few months of the 2016 Ap-peal and Pope Francis’Year of Mercy are upon us, I am writing to ask that if you have not al-ready done so, you would consider making a donation to the 2016 Catholic Ministries Ap-peal. You would be joining with me, with your Pastor and with many of your neighbors, to help bring God’s love and mercy to His people.

There are so many of our neighbors in need of our help; your support will help us to answer those calls.

Again, please join with us. I assure you that asOne Faith, Family and Community we will make a lasting difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters on Long Island.

                  With my prayers and gratitude, I am

                          Sincerely yours in Christ,

                         William Murphy

                         Bishop of Rockville Centre